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Documentary - Rip Current Rescue

05/27/2022 5:48 PM | Anonymous

Rip Current Rescue - United States

Dramatic stories of Rip Current rescues, survival, and real-life heroes.

Rip Currents are America’s greatest beach hazard. Every summer these dangerous currents are responsible for up to 80% of all beach rescues and dozens of deaths every year.

Filmed across the nation’s most popular beaches, Rip Current Rescue features incredible stories of survival captured on camera.

Dramatic scenes from the frontlines of U.S beach safety as first responders keep the public safe from these deadly currents.

Rip Current Rescue also reveals why the Great Lakes are a hotspot for rip current drownings – despite being hundreds of miles from an ocean.

Rip Current Rescue takes you beneath the water’s surface following leading scientist Doctor Rob Brander as he unlocks the secrets of how rips operate.

Rip Current Rescue. America’s first documentary on rip current survival. Compelling stories to help you understand rip currents, to know how to spot them, and what to do if you ever find yourself in the grip of a rip.

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