Know Before You Go-NC

A Beach Safety Public Awareness and Education Initiative

"We're helping people make memories, not become one!"

 Our story:

“Hello from the Town of Emerald Isle, NC.”  Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in saving lives.  This initiative was created as a result of; 1. Danny’s own near-death drowning experience as an ocean rescuer, 2. The need for sustained beach safety public awareness and education ensuring beachgoers are aware of the inherent risks of open water swimming, 3. Recognizing beachgoers will exercise “free will” irrespective of sustained preventive measures in attempts to save lives from otherwise preventable situations e.g., drowning and 4.  A desire to never see our first responders put in harm’s way unnecessarily!

In early 2019, EI sustained several multiple drownings and it became worse throughout the season.  In an effort to assist local EI public and beach safety efforts, “Know Before You Go- NC” was created and subsequently endorsed by the American Red Cross for Eastern North Carolina.  The initiative slogan, much like EI’s “Nice Matters,” could easily be a catch phrase for all Towns along the Crystal Coast and elsewhere.

Supporting the initiative are creative promotional items with several uses.  The “hallmark” of the initiative is the “Know Before You Go- NC” waterproof “S.A.F.E.R.” checklist and silicone bracelet.  Other items include banners, magnets, t-shirts and a variety of hats. The promotional items typically display beach flags and/or initiative logo.  Business logos can be included on the t-shirts and checklist too!  The overarching goal is to garner ongoing citizen, business, government and educational entity support and involvement to save more lives. Simply speaking, “make memories don’t become one!”

Our “support team” is growing with many businesses, especially rental companies, having purchased the “hallmark” items as giveaways to customers.  Other businesses have purchased shirts and hats worn by their employees throughout the beach summer season while others are displaying banners.    

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Know Before You Go - NC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Tax ID # 87-4596910

Know Before You Go NC

219 Windjammer E

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